The Power to Make Things Happen

This is an outlet for American progressives who believe in hope over fear. Fear is the lynchpin of the conservative movement, and always has been. However, progressives believe in the hope of a more perfect union. The ideological battle between the right and the left has existed since 1776, and when progressives have prevailed, we have become a better nation for it.

To be one of the member is such an honor. I learned a lot about politics, government and most especially about life. Our group fight for what we believe is the proper and civil way to help people who are suffering from the cruelty brought about by advancement in the world. I dedicated my life as a member and seriously live the ways of our mission to succeed. Being away from my family and serving other people is a challenging career but I would always fight for what I believe in, even if my parents did not supported me in this journey.

By the time I finished my studies as a law student, I became aware of what is really happening in the world and what it causes it. One of closest friend who happens to be a member of the progressive talked to me and informed me about the mission and vision of the group. I became interested and I immediately told her that I will join the unity which in turn was disagreed by my parents. I was brave with my decision back then because I knew that I am doing this for the benefit of my countrymen. There were series of preliminaries, unending investigations and allegations but we did not lose faith. Amidst all the circumstances that our group underwent, we became much unified and stronger than before. I was much focused that I forgot to take good care of myself. One day, as I was taking a shower I noticed that my fair is slowly falling off and it’s kind of unusual. I told my friend about it and she recommended me this hair loss prevention supplement that she’s been using for almost 2 years now. Har Vokse is a natural hair growth product that comes with a spray. This is great if you want to learn how to Grow Hair Faster. Based on my experience, this product cleanse my scalp and nourished my hair to add more volume than before. I also notice that my hair started to grow thicker and stronger. Some of the reviews that I read said that the product also helped to stop hair loss and helps it start to regrow with a better quality hair.

Fight and Save the Future

Fighting for what is right and just has always been the objective of American progressives. We believe in hope over fear and we don’t allow anybody to rate us in what we trust in: environmentalism and social justice. The ideological battle between the right and the left has always existed, and when progressives have prevailed, […]

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